rsync and –exclude-from

Lately I’ve been looking for a better backup solution, and I settled on rsync. If you want a good tutorial, you can find one easily enough by googling. But I had a lot of trouble finding good documentation about the –exclude-from option. What I found was either too cursory or just plain wrong. So I […]

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A Linq Catalog

I thought I’d review the special methods available in Linq. In the API reference, they can be found under the Enumerable<T> class. Here they are: static IEnumerable<T> Empty<T>() static IEnumerable<T> Repeat<T>(T element, int count) T[] ToArray() List<T> ToList() Dictionary<K,T> ToDictionary(Func<T,K> keySelector) // puts every element in a dictionary // using keys generated by keySelector Dictionary<K,T> […]

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